A huge variety of ship’s stores whose quality level meet your satisfaction

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We, Seacot co., ltd., have a huge variety of ship’s stores whose quality level meet your satisfaction.
In a supply in Japan, we can make a wide suggestion such as importing well-selected stores from Korea or China for cost-saving as well as competitive Japan stores.
Also in a supply overseas, day by day we keep trying for a safer and smoother supply of ship’s stores anywhere in the world.
Line of business is here

Enriched supply experiences and firm alignment due to a long-term firm trust

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With a firm alignment with a lot of partners in Japan and overseas due to a long-term firm trust, we have achieved plenty supplies of local stores and air/sea cargo from Japan or overseas in many countries.
Please feel free to contact us as we stand by anytime in order to handle your inquiry smoothly and stress-free. Supply record is here

Main line of business

  • Ship's general stores

    • Mooring hawser ropes and wire ropes
    • Charts & publication
    • Safety equipment
    • Lashing Materials
    • General tools
    • Stationery
    • Pharmaceuticals
    • Steel material
    • Valve for boat
    • Waste
    • Electric appliances
    • Instrument etc.
  • Ship's spare parts

  • Provision and bonded stores

  • Marine Paints

  • Lifeboat / Liferaft inspection

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